Females around campus have joined forces in a search for a peeping tom, described by several victims as being “$^#* hot,” who was sighted several times yesterday.

Victims said that instead of wanting him behind bars, they want him in bed.

“He can come to my place anytime,” one victim said.

The man, described in DPS reports as “a possible white male, five-foot-eight to six-foot-three with either brown or blonde hair,” was last seen outside the Delta Delta Delta sorority house. He also had been seen in an East Quad women’s restroom, the Central Campus Recreation Building and wandering the halls of South Quad Residence Hall.

“We didn’t really have a good description. It made him kind of hard to find,” said DPS Sgt. Joe, who declined to give his last name. “We were a little surprised the guy was reportedly white. It’s an unusual case.”

Several of the victims said they were at first shocked to see someone starring at them while they took showers with the curtains open and walked around their bedrooms with the shades up.

“I’m just doin’ my thang, you know, walkin’ around, just me and myself, and all of a sudden I look at my window, and there’s, like, this, like, DUDE just starring at me. I screamed,” said one woman who wished to remain anonymous. “That’s when I realized how @#^&$* hot he was. I tried to run after him, but he was, like, too fast… what an athlete.”

The girl said she yelled at him to wait, but the pervert apparently did not hear her. She called DPS, hoping officers would be able to track him down for her, she said.

White males around campus said DPS officers have been repeatedly stopping them and asking them if they are the peeping Tom.

“Yeah, this officer just walks up to me, grabs my arm, and is like, ‘were you peeping through the windows over at Delta Delta Delta,'” said one anonymous white male. “I was just like, ‘when?’ and he was like, ‘earlier tonight,’ and I was like, ‘oh, nope, not me. I was there last week,’ and he was like, ‘oh.'”

In other news, DPS officers apprehended an Asian female late last night for armed robbery.

“Well, there’s a first time for everything,” Sgt. Joe said.

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