A 21-year-old Engineering junior was injured in a hit and run accident at State Street and Hill Street at about 2:30 a.m. Saturday. He is in good condition at University Hospital.

Josephine Adams/Daily
A 21-year-old man injured in a hit and run accident Saturday is loaded into a Huron Valley ambulance.
Matt Slovin/Daily
A green Ford Explorer SUV appeared to be pulled over by a UMPD officer near Arch Street. It was later towed.

Witnesses to the accident say the driver of a green SUV was traveling west on Hill Street at a high rate of speed when he turned left onto State Street and collided with the man. The collision appeared to have knocked out the driver’s headlight.

Several University of Michigan and Ann Arbor police officers who were responding to a call nearby quickly came to the assistance of the victim, while others pursued the suspect’s vehicle, which bolted down Hill Street after the accident, witnesses at the scene said.

Officers on scene confirmed the man’s age and that he had been stopped by police but would not say whether he was intoxicated.

A green Ford Explorer was seen near Arch Street. The car’s right headlight was partly hanging out of its frame. It appeared vacant and was being towed away from the scene.

LSA junior Arpita Mohanty, a friend of the student, reports that he will likely be discharged from the University hospital on Saturday. Carolyn Brink, a spokeswoman for the University of Michigan Health System, said the victim was in good condition at University Hospital as of 2 p.m. Saturday.

Updated: More information about the identity of the pedestrian and his condition was added to the story.

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