Caller hears loud fireworks in area, files police report

A caller on Northwood Street reported last Friday to hearing loud fireworks in the area, according to the Department of Public Safety.

But the caller was unable to make out who was setting off the fireworks. The unit met with the resident and no further problems were documented.

Fireworks display attracts police, no report filed

Fireworks that were being set off on Mitchell Field attracted police attention last Saturday night, according to DPS reports.

The people in charge of the fireworks display then chose to pack up and leave. No report was filed.

Subjects set off fireworks show on carport, then flee

According to DPS, there was a report of people last Friday setting off fireworks on the top level of a carport on 525 Church Street. A police unit then responded and the perpetrators fled upon their arrival.

Fireworks go off at Cooley Fountain, perpetrators escape

Last Tuesday, according to DPS reports, a unit residing over Top of the Park reported fireworks going off in an area of Cooley Fountain.

Upon checking the area, police were unable to find the people releasing the fireworks.

Caller reports firecrackers thrown off wall, no problem found

Last Wednesday a caller from Health Services reported that there were six people sitting on the wall close to Top of the Park that were suspected of throwing a firecracker down.The police unit could not find a problem.

-Compiled by Daily News Editor Victoria Edwards

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