The Israeli people have a strong ally in the black community, Detroit Pastor Glenn Plummer said last night at a speech in Angell Hall.

The evangelical leader encouraged the two groups to unite while speaking at an American Movement for Israel event last night.

In his speech, Plummer thanked the Jewish people for their support during American’s period of segregation and said he supports Israel.

“We want you to know, we stand with Israel and will continue to stand with Israel,” he said.

Plummer is the senior pastor of Ambassadors For Christ Church in Detroit and a co-chair of the Fellowship of Israel and Black America, an organization whose mission is to “nurture, develop, and expand the relationship and goodwill between African-Americans and Jews,” according to its website.

American Movement for Israel Chair Aaron Willis said he brought Plummer to campus in an effort to improve the relationship between Jews and African-Americans.

The Fellowship of Israel and Black America has held national summits on Jewish and black relations, started a Martin Luther King Jr./Israeli awards banquet honoring black and Jewish leaders and assisted African-Americans in traveling to Israel.

Plummer said Jews and blacks share a history of oppression that connects their identities and gives them “a reason to work together and to figure things out together.”

Plummer made several references to past connections between Jews and blacks during the Civil Rights Movement, including collaboration in the founding of the NAACP and National Urban League.

Plummer said that because a large percentage of blacks are Christian, the two groups share the Old Testament, which strengthens their bonds.

“I think that Israel and the Jewish people do not have a better friend outside the Jewish community than evangelical Christians,” he said.

Plummer spoke of the necessity for speaking out against injustice.

Plummer quoted Rabbi Joachim Prinz, who said that the most pressing problem is not hatred – but silence.

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