Over the years, the Republicans have perfected the art of exploiting national sentiments to stir up opposition to the Democratic agenda. In the 1950s and 60s, if a Democrat believed that censoring artists and writers that were critical of American policies was not in the nation”s best interests, the American right would be quick to label such criticism as unpatriotic and “soft on communism.”

Nowadays the Republicans are back at it, blaming congressional Democrats that have spoken out against aspects of the anti-terrorist legislation that violate civil liberties as easy on terrorism and threatening national security.

Who do these punks think they are? Dick Armey, Tom DeLay and other conservative congressmen are the biggest advisories on the proposed federal airport security force because they believe that it represents an ideal that their party stands in firm opposition to, that being “big government.” No one will deny that airport security is something that urgently needs to be addressed, but these conservatives will only protect our national security as long as it protects their political goals as well. The Republican Party is guilty of being hypocritical of pointing the finger at the Democrats for stubbornness when it comes to national security issues, but it is also guilty of putting their ultra-zealous beliefs about states” rights and the use of tax dollars before the interest of protecting the lives of Americans.

All of this should remind Americans how disgusting, selfish and repugnant this political force is.

Ari Paul

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