It”s official, Argentina is up the creek without a paddle and President George W. Bush has implemented a policy casually known as “To Hell With Them.” According to The New York Times, on the question of whether or not to bail out Argentina, Bush”s “decision was to let Argentina suffer the consequences of its own economic mismanagement.”

Sure, Argentina made a few bad calls, economists will argue, such as tying its peso to the dollar. But does that mean that we, the so-called leaders of the Free World, should let an important and highly populated country in South America fall into destitution, suffering and chaos?

We didn”t feel any responsibility to fix the suffering in the Middle East, instead we let Iraqis die under our policies and had the instability of Afghanistan end up in the installation of one of the most tyrannical and oppressive regimes of our time. Of course we didn”t, it didn”t affect us, until some of them started crashing airplanes into the World Trade Center.

Historians will show that nations with wide scale destitution and instability can and do lead to terrorism and tyranny. It happened in the depression in Germany that led to people embracing Nazism. Palestinian refugees, who live in extreme squalor often turn to terrorism, for in their situation it seems to be the only hope.

So why allow the U.S. to become an enemy of another country in disorder and destitution? Why let millions of innocent and suffering people become the victims of another dictator like Jorge Rafael Videla?

There are two answers. Bush has a complete disregard to historical evidence and does not understand how prolonging the suffering of millions on another continent is immoral and can affect the United States and the rest of the world. Bush would like to create more instability, to create more enemies and more terrorism in order to start yet even more wars, that will cause more instability and so on. It makes sense either way.

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