Apparently students in the Business School are finding it hard to get jobs in our new recession. Splashed on the front page of Thursday”s Daily was an article about the difficulties they are having in securing good jobs (“Struggle to secure jobs hits B-School”).

Boo-hoo. It”s not that important that a few grads won”t be going to live in New York City at salaries starting in the hundreds of thousands: What”s important is the loss of employment opportunities among the working class. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the unemployment rate is now at 5.8 percent and in the last year 2.6 million people lost their jobs. Lost manufacturing jobs account for half of the total jobs lost alone. If B-School kids are nervous about limited employment, imagine the fear of working-class people whose survival is tied to the market.

Let”s face it, our B-School grads are going to find jobs. So they won”t be able to afford that second sports utility vehicle and they might just have to get by working in smaller cities for less prestigious investment firms at least for a couple of years, until the economy recovers. If jobs are so scarce maybe their time could be spent doing a little soul searching. Maybe in the end these B-School kids will gain an inkling of morality and a sense of value to things beyond profit. But maybe that”s hoping too much.

Jess Piskor

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