Campus needs infusion of

controversy: Horowitz can provide

Randall Robinson, author of “The Debt: What America Owes to Blacks” spoke at the University on Monday to commemorate Martin Luther King Day. Robinson, an outspoken advocate of reparations for slavery, has many critics. Chief among them is conservative stalwart David Horowitz. Horowitz fomented controversy throughout America”s campuses last year with an advertisement campaign opposed to slavery reparations. While Horowitz makes several decent arguments, he frames arguments in strictly economic terms and brushes aside the unspeakable evils of slavery. For example, Horowitz stated that American blacks are better off because of slavery. While these arguments are sometimes callous, nonetheless they should be heard. The University should invite David Horowitz to speak and thus raise the level of both awareness and debate on campus.

An evening with Horowitz would also be interesting for pure spectacle. University students will surely have plenty to say to Horowitz and the resulting controversy will liven up this often apathetic campus. While the event would most likely incite extremists on both sides of the issue the majority of students would benefit from critically thinking about the thorny topic of reparations.

Zac Peskowitz and Jess Piskor

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