While most people assume that Spring Break is a week devoted to relaxation, stress-free activity and a lot of sleep, University of Michigan students prove that this is rarely the case.

Students who are fortunate enough to go out of town for Spring Break and students who spend the week at home often return to school feeling less rested than before they left. Regardless if it is partying in Cancun, a quick road trip, or even staying at home with intentions of lying low, Spring Break has the tendency of making students come back to Ann Arbor in need for a break. Read on and learn what makes these Spring Break horror stories so scary; while we may laugh now, it could easily happen to any of us …

Hot tub horror

Matthew, a LSA sophomore, was looking forward to spending his Spring Break relaxing at his grandparents’ home in Arizona. He was feeling tense about his business school applications and difficult midterms and was excited to get away from everything and spend the week relaxing with his best friend Jason in the warm weather at his grandparents’ beautiful ranch. He spent his days laying out at the pool, and the nights staying in watching movies. His grandparents woke up and went to bed early so they never really got in his way.

However, one night, Jason and Matthew decided it would be really relaxing to go in the hot tub in the middle of the night before they went to bed. It was everything but relaxing when they discovered Matthew’s grandparents naked in the hot tub together. The rest of the week was pretty tense, and it made returning to midterms and business school applications look fun.

Acts of insects

Lauren, a School of Music senior, won a free trip to Cancun her junior year. The flight was free, the all-inclusive resort was free and she never had to worry about buying drinks or food. However, one morning, she woke up to discover that even the cockroaches she found in her bed were free! After a long night, she woke up to the sun shining on her face and three cockroaches that were crawling under her bed. Buenas dias, Lauren!

Frisky business

Sara, an LSA junior, decided to spend her Spring Break at home in Ohio. Her boyfriend who goes to Ohio State was going to be home, and she wanted to spend the entire week with him. One night, after going to a midnight movie, they pulled over in Sara’s subdivision and started hooking up in the car. The subdivision was huge and it was very late at night. They didn’t even contemplate getting caught. However, once they were barely wearing anything, a cop knocked on the window and “walked-in” on their fun. After threatening to arrest them for indecent exposure, the two quickly got dressed and were lectured for a half hour.

Monkey business

Josh, a Kinesiology sophomore, went to Costa Roca with his best friends. Lisa, a friend Josh always wanted to date, was also going to Costa Rica. Hoping to impress Lisa, he spent the month prior to the trip working out and buying new clothes — he even changed his hairstyle. However, regardless of all the time and effort he put into looking good, he wasn’t looking too hot when he was bit by a monkey on an exotic tour. His arm was throbbing and he started to sweat profusely. After being rushed to the hospital, Josh ended up in great health. Unfortunately, he never got with Lisa.

‘Top’-ic of conversation

Ashley, an LSA senior, spent her sophomore spring break in Acapulco with two other sororities and two fraternities. Everyone was hanging out in the pool at a bar that was in the middle of the pool. Everything was going great until her best friend, Ali decided to untie the top piece of Ashley’s string bikini. Because Ashley was extremely intoxicated, she didn’t realize her bathing suit top was no longer on her. Once Ali started throwing her suit in the air, Ashley was very eager to get it back. Jumping up in the air as Ali threw the bathing suit up in the air several times, Ashley attempted to get her bathing suit back, flashing everyone in the pool. Several pictures were taken, videos cameras were filming, and to this day, she has many more nicknames than she could ever imagine.

Nature’s bad call

Lauren, an LSA sophomore, was laying out with her boyfriend at the resort’s pool in Jamaica. The combination of the scorching sun, the mixed drinks she consumed all afternoon and the presence of her boyfriend were a little too much to handle. After a quick detour to the outdoor men’s bathroom stall, Lauren and her boyfriend were shocked to be confronted by the resort’s management and a cop. Caught in the nude, the two were escorted out of the bathroom and forced to pay their way out of being arrested. For the rest of the trip, she opted to go to her hotel room when she needed to use the bathroom.

Food follies

Andrew, an LSA senior, spent his junior year spring break in Paris. Frustrated by the expensive cuisine, he and his friend decided to skip their planned lunch with the rest of their friends and go to a more economically friendly restaurant they had seen the day before. However, wasting money on overpriced food looked very appealing after he discovered two spiders crawling in his pasta. Bon appetit!

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