For Rose Cassard and Lindsay Davis, the road to becoming
Wolverines was a lot longer than most other golfers.

Both Cassard and Davis are walk-on freshmen who spent much of
their welcome week on the links, getting acquainted with their
future teammates on the women’s golf team and figuring out
just how to make par on that pesky eighth hole.

While Davis was heavily recruited as a walk-on, Cassard
approached Michigan coach Kathy Teichert about trying out.

“We had a whole tryout process, where the women played for
a week with the team and then I took the women with the two lowest
scores,” Teichert said.

Although their jam-packed schedules have kept them from making
many new friends, Cassard and Davis often turn to their older, more
experienced teammates for advice and pointers on how to navigate
around campus.

“They are always there to answer my questions, and they
invite me to hang out with them on the weekends,” Davis

“They’ll ask us different things that are kind of
funny questions to us, but at the same time we asked as
freshmen,” senior Laura Olin said. “We drive them
places and overall I think we’re pretty good to

The golf team practices every morning from 9 to 11 a.m., and
then the women change hats for the afternoon and take on a full
schedule of classes.

“I like the balance between golf and school a lot,”
Cassard said. “It’s nice to go to class in the
afternoon and have golf practice in the morning to look forward

But Davis shed some light on some of the downsides of being a

“It’s a pain, because golf takes up so much of my
life and I have no time to meet anyone,” Davis said.
“But my teammates are fun, so it doesn’t really

While Cassard has yet to play in a tournament, Davis was thrown
right into the mix and teed off in the Lady Northern Invitational,
the Wolverines’ season opener which they hosted. Michigan won
the tournament.

“It was a crazy experience — I had no time and all
of a sudden I had this huge tournament, and I was not prepared for
it mentally,” Davis said. “It was really

She ended up shooting a 241 to tie for 59th individually. But
she quickly got back on track and shot a 237 at last week’s
Shootout at the Legends Tournament, tying for 26th individually.
The Wolverines placed second as a team.

“They tell me to relax, and they encourage me, and that
there is no pressure on me,” said Davis of her older

The camaraderie, encouragement and high-spirits of the
upperclassmen have helped Davis and Cassard adjust to their new
lives at Michigan as students and Wolverines.

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