Smitty File

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Lansing

Position: Center

Height: 6-3

HANGIN” IN THE BARN: Jen takes great pride in her free throw-shooting, and this season she has yet to miss an shot from the charity stripe. She attributes this, in part, to when she was younger her brother turned their barn into a basketball court.

“We would always have the family go shoot out at the barn,” she said.

There she generated a lively rivalry with her brother.

“He still thinks he can beat me,” she said.

SWEET FEET: One of the ways that Jen dominates in the post is through her footwork. This past spring she stayed in Ann Arbor and spent hours in the weight room trying to improve her upper body strength.

“We worked on a lot of agility stuff and footwork to help me out in the low post,” she said.

NEW DO: Jen”s braids are not the first hair style that she has displayed on the court.

“Even through high school I always used to do weird stuff with my hair,” she said. “I like to be different.”

BRACED FOR BATTLE: Jen wears ankle braces because she has suffered numerous ankle injuries.

“I”ve probably sprained my ankles ten times since I was younger,” she said. “I just have really weak ankles,” she said.

SHOOT FIRST, PASS LATER: When Jen gets into the low post, she has a distinct strategy to her success.

“First I look for my shot,” she said. “Then If I get the ball from one wing I usually fake where I pass it and throw it to the opposite side because there is usually someone open.”

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