At least two Virginia Tech University officials informed their own families of the two residence hall shootings in April, 2007 before announcing it to the rest of campus, The New York Times reported.

These officials, who according to the Times “could have saved lives by notifying students and faculty members earlier about the killings on campus,” were part of the university’s crisis-response team, and they reportedly told their families that doors to many administrative offices, including that of the university’s president, had been locked.

Hofstra University cuts football team

Hofstra University dropped its football program last Wednesday due to a lack of interest in the team as well as the cost of running the program, according to the New York Daily News.

Hofstra President Stuart Rabinowitz told the Daily News the funds will instead be used for “new academic programs and need-based scholarships.”

The university will honor the scholarships of the team members who decide to stay at Hofstra, according to the Daily News. There are no plans to cut any other sports programs at this time.

Colorado State University bans firearms

Colorado State University’s Board of Governors voted unanimously on Friday to ban concealed weapons on campus, The Associated Press reported.

Most major colleges across the nation already don’t allow guns on campus, but until now Colorado State University had been deferring to state laws that allow people to carry guns on campus as long as they had a permit.

With this gun ban, Utah will become the only state where concealed weapons are allowed on college campuses.

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