Order of Angell released the list of its new class of members on Friday, which includes student leaders from a variety of campus organizations ranging from varsity athletic teams to student government.

Named after its founder and former University President James Burrill Angell, the group was established in 1902. The group, which accepts no more than 25 student leaders from various campus organizations each year, is an exclusive senior society that aims to better the University community, according to its leaders.

The organization changed its name in 2007 from Michigamua in an effort to distance itself from a controversial past.

LSA junior James Stinson, spokesman for this year’s new class of Order of Angell wrote in an e-mail interview that the group strives to improve the campus community by bringing leaders from different organizations together.

Alumni of the group include prominent University graduates like United States President Gerald R. Ford, five University presidents and former Michigan football players Mike Hart and Jake Long.

“The true purpose of our organization (is) to create an environment of proven senior student leaders to better Michigan through humble service and cross-campus synergy,” wrote Stinson, an executive board member of the cultural student group Here Earning A Destiny through Honesty, Eagerness and Determination of Self, or HEADS.

According to Stinson, the members of this year’s class were chosen based on leadership and achievement in their respective campus activities.

“We value diversity, and we value individuals who have earned the greatest respect from their peers,” Stinson wrote.

In the recent past, each class of Order of Angell was referred to as a “pride,” but on this year’s list released to the Daily the term was not used.

Stinson wrote that while the organization no longer considers itself “secret,” members prefer to do work without recognition.

The group decided to change its name in 2006 in response to claims that the name insensitively referred to a fictional Native American tribe, officially becoming Order of Angell in 2007. The group was also historically known for engaging in various Native American rituals.

In 1989, the group agreed to stop all Native American rituals in its ceremonies, due to criticism from people not affiliated with the group who were offended by their practices.

In 2000, members of Students of Color Coalition allegedly found Native American artifacts in Michigamua’s meeting space in the Michigan Union tower. The Coalition subsequently alleged that the group was in violation of the 1989 agreement.

After the Students of Color Coalition occupied the office for 37 days, Michigamua chose to move out of the office in the Union permanently. According to past Michigan Daily articles, it has never been confirmed why the Native American artifacts were in the office.

Also in 2000, the group began tapping women for membership for the first time.

Stinson wrote that Order of Angell will work this year to rebuild trust with all communities — particularly those hurt by the group’s past actions.

“We do not consider any current disagreements or hostility as permanent or immutable,” Stinson wrote. “History cannot be undone, but we, as progressive, conscientious leaders can change the future and act with sensitivity and pride for all members of the Michigan community.”

— Because of his membership in the group, Editor in Chief Jacob Smilovitz did not edit this story.


Chris Armstrong, Michigan Student Assembly

Carl Buchanon, Men’s Track and Field

Lee Collins, Army ROTC

Chris Douville, Men’s Swimming and Diving

Dara Fisher, University of Michigan Engineering Council

Mike Friedman, Interfraternity Council

Veronica Hicks, Women’s Basketball

Shawn Hunwick, Ice Hockey

Afshan Khan, Muslim Students’ Association

Frances Medina, F.O.K.U.S.

Crosby Modrowski, Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

Mark Moundros, Football

Stephanie Parrish, ONE Campaign

Sean Preston, National Society of Black Engineers

Lee Quackenbush, Men’s Glee Club

Dorian Shaw, Softball

Jacob Smilovitz, The Michigan Daily

James Stinson III, HEADS

Danielle Tauro, Women’s Track and Field

Kim Tolbert, Minority Peer Advising

Jeff Wojcik, LSA Student Government

Alex Wood, Student Athlete Advisory Council

Lexi Zimmerman, Volleyball

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