If the outraged phone calls and equally outraged – not to mention shocked, disgusted, appalled and disappointed – letters the Daily receives daily are any indication, one of the general public’s biggest problems with this page is its “bias.”

While “bias” is something the news sections of most major newspapers strive to avoid, editorial pages are by definition full of biases – those of editorial-board members, columnists, guest writers and members of the community in which each paper serves.

The Daily’s editorial page is no exception. Unsigned staff editorials speak for the majority of the Daily’s editorial board, and everything else on the page speaks for itself and its author.

Wherever opinions are uttered, emotions run high. People feel powerful and powerless, triumphant and hopeless, confident and scared. And for every opinion voiced – every “bias” – there is an equal and opposite opinion.

For 112 years, the Daily’s editorial page has offered its opinions on matters small and large. From the quality of the University’s food to the morality of foreign wars, few subjects have escaped the judgement of the Daily’s intrepid band of student journalists. Vigilant letter writers and contributors have quickly and without fail brought to light those that have.

The debates continue to this day and we invite you to join in through your letters, comments and criticism. Be heard. Be biased. The only unworthy opinion is the one that goes unexpressed.

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