BOSTON (AP) Rick Pitino will not be in the running to run the Runnin” Rebels, according to a published report.

Pitino, who left the Celtics Jan. 8 after three-and-a-half years, had said he expected to quickly take over as coach of UNLV. He later delayed a planned trip to UNLV to think things over.

Today”s Boston Herald reported that Pitino now has told friends he is out of the UNLV picture.

According to the Herald, Pitino was told by people close to the UNLV situation that it is a difficult school to recruit for.

Pitino had said earlier that a possible snag in his negotiations with UNLV could be the severity of sanctions recently imposed by the NCAA for allowing a booster to give money to Lamar Odom when he was being recruited by the university. Odom went on to play a year at Rhode Island, then entered the NBA.

The UNLV sanctions, which led to the firing of Bill Bayno as coach last month and the promotion of Max Good, will keep UNLV out of the NCAA Tournament this year and take away two scholarships for each of the next two years. The school also can”t take part in outside tournaments next season.

The Herald, citing unnamed sources, said Pitino will do television work during the NCAA Tournament in March, then see what coaching jobs are available before making any decision.

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