Ready to rock the house? Well Onesidezero was at it full force Sunday night, bringing the ruckus to Detroit with 311 for one hardcore show.

Paul Wong
Onesidezero rocks the State Theatre.<br><br>JOHN PRATT/Daily

Hailing from southern California, this classic hard rock quintet proved to be the up and coming force that so many critics have already labeled them as. Set to tour with Incubus this fall, Onesidezero translated their emotional intensity into a 45-minute emotionally pummeling set.

Opening with “Neverending” and playing through their new album This Room is Getting Smaller, the very talented Onesidezero soon performed the task so many opening bands fail at getting the crowd livened up. From the first song all the way through the last, the crowd was loving every minute, moshing and jumping in that sing of rock “n roll acceptance.

Onesidezero”s unique yet potent sound is thanks to the fact that “this band is all about music. We all love music and we love playing music,” said drummer Rob Basile.

As for furthering their music careers, the goal is “Don”t die because we”ve gotten more than we set out to do, if we asked for anything else we”d be pompous pricks,” said Basile. It”s not very often a band without a video receives such an overwhelming media response, but the kids dig their noise and are desperate to get in on the action. Lead singer Jasan Radford had a hard time keeping his pants from getting ripped off.

Keeping with the band”s theme of “positive energy of life itself with all the ups and downs facing life and living it,” according to guitarist Levon Sultanian, Onesidezero is definitely riding the wave and relating to audiences. Dishing out their new single “New World Order” as well as “Soak,” “Neverending” and “Eight,” Onesidezero demonstrated that they are more than a force to be reckoned with, they have a musical gift which translates to a sound everyone can relate to.

For the hard-hitting, hardworking band, it is more than just going up and putting on a killer show. “We love having fun with the kids,” said Radford, “and that”s what it is about.”

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