Los Angeles is the city of stars and as the excess behind the scenes of the eighties demonstrates, it”s a city to get lost in. In the 80s the city of Angels dumped spandex, hairspray and legwarmers, in the late 90s it dropped nu metal nationally. Not quite whiny enough for emo but a little too hard for the average Creed fan, nu-metal may have been the decade”s answer to the early 90s grunge and mid 90s post-grunge era that infected suburban America. Onesidezero teams up with Soulfly and Static-X for what promises to be an intense event in Detroit tomorrow night.

Paul Wong
Onesidezero boys contemplating their profoundness.<br><br>Courtesy of Maverick Records

While other bands have to rely on their on-stage spectacle for success (Slipknot, Mudvayne anyone?) whether using turn tables or multiple lyricist to get attention, the attraction of Onesidezero is their ability to provide a basic live performance that feeds off their intensity as performers. “The show is what we do. Its pretty honest. It”s a good time, a lot of energy and people relate, and on a larger tour, that”s more people,” said frontman Jasan Radford of onesidezero”s move into the mainstream.

Even after bigger tours with blockbuster bands like 311 and Incubus, Onesidezero has kept their intimate hard edge. Though keeping their band their way may mean a compromise in moving millions of units, their fan base continues to grow exponentially is a direct result of these boys strength. In fact, Radford”s passion to reach out is reflected not only in his strength as a front man and vocalist, but it is what brings him off stage and mingling among the crowd. “The interaction, its getting back to the basics of rock. Its just realness you don”t often see when, music is more about sales than actually connecting,” said Radford.

And in tradition of underground rock bands simply playing at larger venues, Onesidezero successfully crosses over from the small smokey clubs on the strip to theater performance. Carrying a reputation of putting on a great live show, the band”s talent and devotion to preserving the integrity of their music takes priority over shifting units.

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