Not for the first time, “Once Upon A Time” presented an episode based on the mistaken presumption that the audience cares about an obscure peripheral character.

Once Upon a Time

Season 1

Certainly the evolution of Grumpy the dwarf isn’t nearly as trying as the genesis of Jiminy Cricket (what even happened to him?), but it feels like filler nonetheless.

Lee Arenberg does a fine job as the aforementioned protagonist, who at the beginning of the episode goes by the name “Dreamy” — hence the episode title — until he’s disillusioned by the pain of love.

Unfortunately, it’s tough to carry the episode when his love interest, a fairy named Nova (Amy Acker) is such a ditzy damsel.

Contrastingly, the team of Leeroy — Grumpy’s Storybrook alter-ego — and Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin), or Snow White in the parallel universe of Storybrook, is surprisingly successful. The two emerge as a clever pair and set the stage for future episodes with Snow White and the dwarves.

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