SYDNEY, Australia (AP) A forgotten camera might have saved Australian swimming star Ian Thorpe from being at the World Trade Center when it was attacked by terrorists.

Thorpe, who was on a promotional visit to New York, was planning a trip to the buildings moments before he heard about the terrorist attack on the first tower.

Frank Turner, one of the gold medalist”s managers, said that if the attack had occurred 20 minutes later, the Olympic and world champion would have been on the viewing deck at the top of one of the Trade Center”s 110-foot towers.

“He was shocked,” Turner said. “A few minutes later and who knows what could have happened.”

Turner said Thorpe awoke early Tuesday and walked past the World Trade Center.

Thorpe returned to his hotel for his camera and headed back to the towers to take some photos.

Just as he was about to leave his room, Thorpe turned on the television, which revealed the first tower had been attacked, Turner said.

Thorpe won three gold medals at Sydney Olympics last year and another six golds at the world championships this year in Japan.

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