The City of Ann Arbor has asked Tommy York and Matt Morgan, owners of Morgana and York located at 1928 Packard to take down their sign to bring it up to code.

Jess Cox

Under Ann Arbor regulations, upon changing the name and signage of a store, all existing signs must be brought up to code. The main part of the sign dates back to 1940 and the arrow on top to 1953, is currently too tall and has too many square feet of area. The owners have started a petition to keep the sign and other local businesses have been voicing their support for the sign as well. Owner Tommy York said, “The reality is that thing was here before that road was four lanes-there were two lanes and there were no houses here when the store was built. In a way, the store was here long before everything that grew around it” on Thursday, December 5, 2005. (MIKE HULSEBUS/Daily)

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