Paul Wong


Capitol Records

If all of the power pop bands in the world were combined into a giant-sized boy band, with each band representing a stereotypical ‘N Sync-er, OK Go would undoubtedly be the guy who grows facial hair to look tough, but ends up the pansy.

OK Go’s not-so-unique combination (think Sweet, The Cars and enough synths to briefly resurrect the short-lived but interesting enough Rentals) will no doubt resonate nostalgically for fans wishing Weezer was still wearing sweaters.

Where Weezer never cared about cool (not back when they were WORTH listening to), OK Go tries so desperately to be cool and clever. What’s worse is that they do it so blatantly that any sense, hint or hope of wit is lost. Damian Kulash, OK Go’s singer, can’t hide his smirk when he confidently bursts into the lyric “don’t even try to find a line / this time, darling you’re still divine”on “You’re So Damn Hot.” Despite its the-girl-just-beyond-my-grasp subject material (so overdone) and I’m too damn clever lyrics (hey, Damian, irony is dead and wit is dying) the song is the most propulsive cut on their debut.

Instead of ironic geeks posing as KISS-y faced rock gods, OK Go’s eponoymous debut bubbles or boils over with the sound of snot-nosed kids playing snottier rock anthems flavored with moogs and syncopated chunky guitars. The formula is old, the sound is tired and OK Go, like Ozma is another Weezer cover band. The only difference is OK Go scored a major-label deal and it’s a major disapointment.

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