For the 2007 swimsuit edition, SI goes for the “cool,” “hip,” “for-those-who-like-to-ROCK” theme. Or at least they try to. The combination of popular music with pretty girls seems difficult to argue with, especially when you can get bikini model Tori Praver “dressed” in a Who concert t-shirt and black tie-on bottoms comprised entirely of spraypaint (her left nipple just visible outside the bullseye logo).

Aside from the classic-rock, body-paint T-shirt spread and “Rock ‘N Roll Fantasy,” a piece that slaps together befuddled-looking models and rock bands (the Julie Henderson /Panic! At the Disco photo is a must-see), the magazine also features a little “now playing” bubble accompanying various photos.

If you really wanted, you could create an SI swimsuit edition 2007 playlist – or just check out the model’s choices. The choices of “rookie” models (those first appearing in the swimsuit edition) are listed with each girl. Those who get props for good taste include Selita Banks (both Michael Jackson’s “Off the Wall” and Nancy Sinatra’s campy “These Boots Were Made for Walking” make her list).

Notably, the issue features dreamgirl Beyonc

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