In the world of sitcoms, nothing says, “This series is dying and here is our last half-hearted attempt at resuscitation” like a wedding episode. However, in the world of “The Office,” Michael’s (Steve Carrell) highly anticipated wedding will likely be far from a nail in the show’s coffin, but rather the perfect way to wrap up the legacy of Michael Scott and let him leave “The Office” with all ends tied.

The Office

Season 7
“Garage Sale”

“Garage Sale” truly was the quintessential “Office.” From Ryan’s (B.J. Novak) exploitative moneymaking scheme to Jim’s (John Krasinski) elaborate prank on Dwight (Rainn Wilson) to Michael’s hilarious and disastrous ideas for popping the question, each storyline was reminiscent of “Office” in its glory days of 2006.

This was our last taste of “The Office” as we know it: There are only three more episodes left featuring Michael Scott and during these he’ll share the spotlight with a guest appearance by Will Ferrell. While we’re now focusing on the bigger and heavily guarded questions like which Dunder Mifflin employee will be promoted to the coveted position of branch manager and whether “The Office” will totally suck now, “Garage Sale” is the perfect way to start our goodbyes to Michael Scott and send him out into the world.

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