If I hear “I just want something new and different,” “I really think he can unite the country” or “he just seems like such a nice guy” about Barack Obama one more time I am going to scream.

First off, all of the remaining presidential candidates are “new,” compared to President Bush, including the walking corpse that is John McCain. Hillary Clinton is different, just like Obama. He may supposedly be the candidate of our generation, but there is nothing new, impressive, or proven about Obama. And there’s no reason to think that he will be any better of a president than his Democratic rival.

The presidency is a job, but the race for it seems more like a popularity contest than a résumé review. Legitimacy seems to be largely based on image, an area of electability in which Clinton lacks and Obama thrives.

Obama is glamorous and sexy with a sexier wife and a great smile. He is a celebrity and people eat him up. His calm demeanor and smooth, yet powerful, voice enables him to inspire hope. Hope for a candidate that is fresh and honest, not jaded by years of dirty politics. Hope that the country can be united against the tallest of odds.

I think this hope is hollow, full of hot air and false promises. The political environment in America right now is so polar and volatile that even Republicans won’t rally behind their frontrunner because he’s too moderate. What makes Obama think he can get Republicans to work with him? I’ve heard people say that “I think he’s the one who can unite this country.” With the way things are right now this feat would be very difficult if not impossible. But people still believe he’s the one to do it.

People say, “Obama is great, so nice and down to earth.” He’s the kind of person you would want at your backyard barbeque. People said this same thing about both President Bushes. And if you want it to hit closer to home, people said the same thing about Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick – look where that went. Popular support with the people who elected you does not make you a good president, diplomatically or morally.

Sure, Clinton is not Miss America – thank God for that. But she is personable enough. She has an obnoxious laugh. Yes, so do you, your mother and your crazy uncle who you love and respect. She is assertive, decisive and sometimes intense. If she were wearing a suit instead of a pantsuit people would say, “He knows his shit and won’t take any.” But alas she is considered a divisive bitch because of her attitude, constantly being slammed for things that have nothing to do with how well she will perform if elected.

Clinton is seasoned for this position and will not flop on her face when she gets there. She has too much substance and too much experience – things that will help her win not only the nomination, but also the general election against (God help us) McCain. If voters can see through Obama’s hype and Hillary’s laugh, I think Democrats have a real shot at an upset.

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