Flirty, sweet and the epitome of charming, Erin Fetherston makes everyday beauty seem effortless. Her designs are the kind of clothes you would want wear to meet your boyfriend’s family for the first time — with options for the possibility of attending a wedding, a casual brunch or even a funeral (distant relatives, only).

Fetherston’s NYFW 2015 collection has incredible range and covers all occasions. From casual red carpet chic, to cocktail night with your ladies, to brunch the next morning, to date night that evening, just pluck a wearable combo from the line and walk out the door. These are the kind of clothes I hope I would wear if I was a working woman in a working city and wanted to seem on top of my game, but also like I woke up with no real agenda other than appearing ethereal for the entire day. Fetherston plays with organic textures, opening the show with white doily cut out patterns and slowly transforming the fabric into a sheer deep turquoise pattern by the end. An incorporation of bright, rich jewel tones was an unexpected surprise after a continuous stream of black and white looks.

Flirty capes, ankle strap heels and a clean, pulled back look dominated the captivating runway. High collars and full skirts that may have looked timid on any other runway played off as expressively demure. Top looks include a refreshing take on a tank and skirt combination with a play on proportions, allowing the plain tank to fall delicately over a patterned, flowing skirt; a white tank with swing floral pants; and a buttoned high-neck black coat layered over a ruby red shift dress that indicated a mood shift near the end of the show.

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