Despite promising previews that fed on the recent popularity of Paul Rudd (“Knocked Up”) and a cast to compete with “Paris j’taime,” the comedic vignettes that comprise “The Ten” quickly spiral into a nonsensical, forgettable quagmire.

As Rudd’s Jeff Reigert introduces short stories based on each of the 10 commandments, the comedy erratically bounces from poop humor to social satire to tasteless and tactless jokes revolving around a prisoner’s choice over who he “doesn’t not want to rape” him. Then there’s a Spanish-speaking narrator getting stuck on the word “vagina,” Winona Ryder ridding a wooden dummy’s wood, a cartoon rhino taking shits that sprout flowers and Michael Ian Black (“Wet Hot American Summer”) quoting Shakespeare while the soundtrack provides the sounds of a man being sodomized.

What’s the point? The final musical number suggests the movie’s all about love. Instead, “The Ten” comes across as a poorly conceived and odiously executed “Wet Hot” reunion bash featuring fiercely bad writing and awkward innuendos.

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