“Feel the Noise”

At the Quality 16 and Showcase


At two separate points during my screening of “Feel the Noise,” the audience expressed its opinion of the movie aloud: “Oh my God, this movie is terrible” came first, and then “This is so horrible.”

To clarify, the movie is both terrible and horrible. It stars Omarion Grandberry (“You Got Served”) as Rob, an aspiring rapper from Harlem. Much to his dismay, he is shipped off to Puerto Rico in a New York minute to live with his estranged father. Connecting with his half-brother Javi (Victor Rasuk, “Lords of Dogtown”) and local mamacita C.C. (newcomer Zulay Henao), Rob finds Puerto Rican identity in reggaeton music and dance.

As Rob, Omarion (who apparently has a last name) gives a whole new meaning to both stoicism and bad acting in his attempt at emotional reserve. The film itself hits every stereotype of the urban struggle: petty crime, massively unjustified egos, troubled family relationships and music as a dream and means of escape. But then again, how much can we expect from a production company helmed by Jennifer Lopez?

Rating: 1/5

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