The “Go Blue” vocal tag cut the intoxicated September air with confidence, reminding us all of what we already know Michigan football is about: pride and getting “Outta Your Mind.”

During our first night game in Michigan history, we set the NCAA single-game attendance record with 114,804. Without songs like “All of the Lights” to accompany this, the mood drops and camaraderie isn’t felt to its full extent. Rihanna and Kid Cudi get us pumped about a number of inappropriate things, but give us an adrenaline rush for being a part of something much bigger than ourselves.

It’s undeniable that Notre Dame tested our fans’ emotional endurance throughout the night, especially considering majority of the student section had already gone through a day of proving a different kind of endurance.

This Saturday — more special than most football Saturdays — porches, ledges and sidewalks were filled with booty poppin’, red cups and hands flexing to the sky. There were some outliers like mariachi music and Beyonce’s “Goldmember” pounding through speakers, but to-be-expected songs like “Party Rock Anthem” were played incessantly. And so it goes that the music that pumps us up as beer sprays from high-up places, as compared to the tunes on our iPods and the tracks that run the stadium, play more to our regret-in-the-morning side. LMFAO tells us to lose our minds, and we generally oblige. New Boyz inspires slightly offensive notions with “Girl, you look better with the lights off.”

But after walking down Hoover and making the aggressive push into the Big House, the atmosphere lifts its chin a little higher, and a sort of transformation occurs — we are supported by the collective energy of our University, connected and in the moment, as happy as can be.

This Saturday, B.O.B accentuated the feeling of unified bliss with “Don’t Let Me Fall.” Short clips of songs like “Let’s Go,” “Sweet Caroline” and “Lose Yourself” add to the experience tenfold, making it easier for connections to manifest with our fellow Wolverines. At the ultimate anxious pause, when Notre Dame harnessed a three-point lead with 30 seconds left, the opening bars of “ Seven Nation Army” made me feel like a hundred bucks. The roar of “Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun” brought me back to life, showing a gleam of light to the mass of fans and hopefully to the players, too.

“Everybody was just playing as a team, just doing what we’re doing to win for Michigan,” quarterback Denard Robinson said. “Coach (Hoke) said we have a whole bunch of football left and keep playing until the end, and that’s what we did.”

As I let those words register, my grin from Saturday night resurfaces. The marching band and dance team killed it with their half time techno rave performance of “’Til the World Ends,” the parachute men achieved some dynamite overhead photographs of the first night game and successful landings, and the entire stadium got to linger in the glory of our muscular heroes and Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

There were a legion of beats that serenaded our victorious ears last night, but there is only one left ringing in my ears: It’s great! To be! A Michigan Wolverine!

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