Not-So-Random: Hello?

The Michigan Daily: Hi, may I speak with Pete Vanderkaay, please?

NSR: Yes, this is him

TMD: Hi, Pete, I’m calling from The Michigan Daily and you’ve been selected to do the Nor-So-Random Student Interview. Are you up for it?

NSR: I think so.

TMD: Cool. Do you even know what the Random Student Interview is?

NSR: Yes.

TMD: OK, good. See, the whole point of us calling you Pete, is we wanted somebody who everyone on campus knew and who everyone liked.

NSR: Oh, thank you.

TMD: Unfortunately, Chad Henne was not available, so you were our second choice. I’m kidding of course.

NSR: Hahaha.

TMD: So how’s it going?

NSR: It’s going all right.

TMD: So where’s the gold medal? I gotta know.

NSR: It’s in my room.

TMD: Did you like shine it up?

NSR: No, it’s actually in a sock in my desk.

TMD: You put it in a sock?

NSR: Yeah.

TMD: Why? Isn’t that a little . don’t you want to show that thing off?

NSR: No, I don’t usually take it out much, but the case I got for it kind of scratches it up, so I went with the sock as a backup.

TMD: Does anybody compare you to WWE wrestler Kurt Angle who won a gold medal in 1996?

NSR: No, I can’t say I’ve had that comparison.

TMD: So Pete, if you could invite four people to dinner, who would you invite?

NSR: Jeez, I don’t know. Probably just my roommates.

TMD: That’s it? And not Jesus? Wouldn’t you want to eat with Jesus.

NSR: That’s a good point. Probably Jesus.

TMD: See, the advantage of eating with Jesus is, if you have one loaf of bread, you can eat for like weeks at a time.

NSR: That’s true.

TMD: What is your opinion on Chuck Norris?

NSR: Chuck Norris is a pretty sweet actor. I’m a big fan of his TV show “Walker, Texas Ranger.”

TMD: We all are, Pete. Trust me. Do you think you could take him in a fight?

NSR: Doubtful.

TMD: What does he have that makes him so good?

NSR: The roundhouse kick.

TMD: And he works out on the Total Gym. Have you seen that?

NSR: I wouldn’t want to mess with that.

TMD: Definitely not. If you weren’t a swimmer, Pete, what do you think you would be doing?

NSR: I probably wouldn’t be doing anything. I’m not that great at land sports.

TMD: What if we incorporate your swimming and had you like wrestle an alligator. Would you be good at that?

NSR: Haha, I’m also doubtful about that. That might be more of a job for Chuck Norris.

TMD: When you were young, did you ever watch GUTS or Double Dare?

NSR: Yeah.

TMD: Did you ever want to be on those shows?

NSR: Yeah, I always wanted a piece of the Aggro-Crag.

TMD: Yes, the Aggro-Crag. What about the Super Aggro-Crag or the Mega-Crag?

NSR: Yes, those too.

TMD: That would be a cool thing to have. So say you had the Aggro-Crag and a gold medal. Would you put the Aggro-Crag in a really big sock or would you just put it in a nicer place?

NSR: I think if I had the Aggro-Crag, I’d probably flaunt it a lot more.

TMD: Were you a fan of Mo, the female announcer?

NSR: Not too much. I thought Mike O’Malley was probably the better one.

TMD: What was your favorite show as a kid?

NSR: I never really had a favorite.

TMD: What did you watch?

NSR: Any cartoon was fair game.

TMD: OK, now I have to ask the hard-hitting questions here. Donald Duck or Daffy Duck: which one is better?

NSR: No particular reason.

NSR: Is it because you could barely understand what he was saying?

NSR: Yeah, let’s go with that, haha.

TMD: Do you ever talk trash to the swimmers while your beating them?

NSR: No, not usually. Actually, hardly ever.

TMD: Do they ever say anything to you?

NSR: Sometimes. If anything, it’s more joking around.

TMD: Like “I can swim faster than you, Pete?”

NSR: Yeah, like “I’ll kick your butt.”

TMD: Whoa! You should push him in the pool. I was always a fan of winning the race and then turning to them and saying, “Tell your mom I said thanks.” What do you think of that one?

NSR: I don’t think that would go over too well. I’m probably a little more humble than that.

TMD: Pete, did you ever play “Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!” when you were a kid?

NSR: I played it a couple times. I was a bigger fan of the Ninja Turtles game.

TMD: Who was your favorite Ninja Turtle?

NSR: Probably Donatello.

TMD: Why’s that?

NSR: He just seemed like . I don’t know, haha. I liked his bow staff.

TMD: Haha, yes! His bow staff was very cool. Why was Sensei a rat? Couldn’t he have been something better than that?

NSR: I was wondering that myself. Sometimes I think about it before I go to bed, but I just can’t figure it out.

TMD: So that’s what you do before you go to bed? You don’t like watch TV?

NSR: No, I just think about that.

TMD: Haha, cool. Do you think you have game?

NSR: Probably not. I’d say I scare more girls away than anything else.

TMD: Haha, all right. Well that’s all I got.

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