Energy was building in a Flint rock club with only minutes left
until rock quartet Nonpoint were to take the stage. Their presence
was in the air even though their faces had not yet graced the
stage. The band entered the stage to greet the fans that had waited
over a year for them to return to Michigan. Lagging slightly behind
the rest of their band was bassist, KB, who hobbled onto the stage
on crutches and sat down on a stool. Suffering a toe shattering
injury only hours before the show, he was nonetheless unwilling to
delay the start of the band’s tour. It was disappointing to see him
unable to jump around and showcase his true devotion and live
energy, but he did what he could despite being immobile from the
waist down. It seemed like the band knew that being the opening
night of their summer tour they really had to step it up and start
with a musical explosion.

Andrew Gaerig
Andrew Gaerig
Andrew Gaerig

Vocal chords and guitars blazing, they came out with the pumping
anthem, “Excessive Reactions.” New songs, “The Truth” and “The
Same”, from their upcoming release Recoil soon followed. The tracks
seemed to combine the stronger attributes showcased in the band’s
two previous releases, Statement and Development. “The Truth”
combines the raw energy and passion that was eminent in their first
album along with the sheer vocal talent of singer Elias Soriano
that was displayed in their followup release Development. Although
it was a breath of fresh air to hear the new material, it lacked
the familiar connection that the previously released tracks

Mixed in with the new songs were classics like “Endure,” and the
crowd’s favorite, “Victim” during which Soriano instructed the
crowd to part in the middle, and then run at each other forming a
giant mosh pit, recreating the famous battle scene from the movie
“Braveheart.” Nearing the end of the set the band unleashed a
beautifully played cover of the Phil Collins song “In the Air
Tonight.” It’s very difficult for a band to maintain their vigor
when they break up their fast paced set with a passion-filled
ballad, but somehow this song seems to be able to do just that.
Closing out their set with their most ferocious song, the Spanish
fueled “Orgullo” was the perfect way to use up that last bit of

Sweaty air filled the club as the band left the stage for their
merchandise table to greet their awaiting fans, to show their
undying appreciation for the people that have supported them over
the years, as well as the night’s newcomers.

The night truly showcased their passion for the music and their
fans. An injury that might have put a stop to other musicians
barely even shook the band. That says a lot about the desire they
seem to give off at every show. Hampered by injury and cheered
heartily by fans, Nonpoint has their summer jaunt off to a rolling

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