Getting comfortable in its new location on South University, two doors down from its former home, Noggins Hair Shop continues to serve the campus community for its sixth consecutive school year.

Paul Wong
Noggins recently moved two doors down from its original location on South University.<br><br>TOM LIN/Daily

This is the fifth year Noggins has been recognized for its outstanding hair service. Noggins is a full service hair salon, specializing in hair cuts, coloring, perming and highlights for both men and women.

“We set our prices around students, as they are the majority of our clientele,” manager Debbie Williams said.

Consequently it is clear that Noggins” salonists make a conscious effort to cater to the needs of University students. One of the ways they are able to do this is by attending various hair shows annually, where they are updated on current styles and trends in the young adult sector.

Williams said the most difficult style to do is a bald scalp, but she offers the assurance that all of the salonists are capable of doing a so-called “Mr. Clean.”

Noggin”s proximity to the residence halls and apartments makes it an ideal alternative to a trip home to visit the familiar family stylist. As an added bonus, Noggins is able and willing to do all of the styles mothers refused to pay for back in the secondary school days and will still shock relatives during trips back home. It will be especially interesting to see the look on your grandmother”s face when her high-achieving grandson sits down at the table with hair that matches the color of her borsch.

This is not to say that Noggins only caters to extreme tastes. The most conservative college students have been known to frequent Noggins, and they too have been satisfied by the friendly, prompt service of the famed hair salon. Customers will not find any grouchy, overworked salonists at Noggins. Instead the salonists are refreshingly upbeat and just waiting to take the next student that comes into the shop. The salon”s appointment-free operation style allows students a quick haircut at their convenience.

While customers sit in a comfy chair trying to get a glimpse of themselves in the oddly shaped mirrors that line the walls of the shop, the salonists entertain the clientele by asking the usual group of questions where you are from, what classes you”re taking, do you miss your folks basically all of the stuff people ask the typical University student to show interest in them. At this point, the typical first-year student might start to feel anxiety about having their hair cut away from home at an unfamiliar salon.

But naturally, any fears come to nought as the stylists takes the mysteriously sterile black cape off to reveal the new hairdo. As satisfied customers are grabbing their coats, they should make a mental note to tell all of their shaggy friends about this great hair salon and give their salonist a generous tip.

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