“Bend it Like Beckham” was hailed as one of the must-see movies of last year. Now, for fans of the film, it is one of the must-own DVDs. The film tells the tale of a young Indian girl, Jess (Parminder Nagra), living on the outskirts of London, who dreams of being a professional soccer player. It is a story of culture clash, as Western values conflict with traditional Indian principles, dear to the hearts of Jess’ immigrant parents.

Kate Green

The DVD is not jam packed with features, but it does offer a few entertaining options aside from the film itself. The commentary of director Gurinder Chadha is both amusing and insightful and worth listening to for those interested in background information about the film. The movie’s obsession with Aloo Gobi, which rivals that of Beckham, is carried on in the special features, as there is both a recipe for the cauliflower and potato dish as well as a step-by-step cooking show featuring Chadha herself.

All in all, the DVD is what a DVD should be, a good compliment to the film. It will not convert anyone from a Beckham hater to a Beckham lover, but for those who enjoyed the film, it offers a few worthwhile extras.

Film: 4 stars.

Picture/Sound: 3 1/2 stars.

Features: 3 stars.









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