Almost simulaneously two-thirds of the video game market re-packaged their consoles in time for the beginning of the 2003 holiday season. Microsoft’s XBox will feature two pack-in games and the new S-controller. Despite the inclusion of two games, XBox will still retail for $199.95. The computer giant is including games exclusive to its system, “Jet Set Radio Future” and “Sega GT 2002.” “Jet Set” is the sequel to the popular “Jet Grind Radio,” released originally on the now defunct Dreamcast. The included S-controller is a smaller version of the chubby XBox standard controller. Initially only released in Japan, the controller was later released stateside and has since sold well.

Paul Wong
Courtesy of Sega
“Jet Set Radio Future” now comes with XBox.

Nintendo GameCube’s holiday bundle will include the platform’s flagship title “Super Mario Sunshine,” a Memory Card 59 and the indigo-colored version of the console. The GameCube bundle retails for $189.95.

Despite the upcoming Nov. 5 release of “Metal Gear 2: Substance,” Microsoft is entering a holiday season where many of their biggest games have been delayed – hence the repackaging of their system.

Comparitively, Nintendo’s offer is the weaker of the two. The system bundle, equates to far less savings than Microsoft’s holiday effort. Consumers will get the $149.95 GameCube, $49.99 “Sunshine” and a $14.99 Memory Card 59, all for $189.95, amounting to roughly $35 in savings. Contrastingly, XBox users are getting two games for free and a smaller controller to boot. The larger XBox controller will still be available in stores.

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