Ann Arbor is known for a lot of things, whether it be foodie superstardom or stellar academic institutions. But when the sun goes down, campus transforms into a cabaret of sin: shivering sorority girls dressed in their slinkiest skintights, bros hiding behind dark shades, jeers thrown in all directions. In this week’s B-Side, Daily Arts explores the various facets of University nightlife — from the teeming decadence of a Main Street antique shop-turned-cage dance club, to a classy beer joint peddling its diverse selection, to stumbling students grabbing their late-night grub on South U, to how our University stacks up to the energetic frivolity at East Lansing, where police prowl the campus on horseback. After dark, the city’s gently ticking pulse transforms into something throatier, something more primal.

Christmas, Y2K, Batman and theatrics mesh in Cavern Club complex

A place where Greek Life comes to grind, hipsters come to sway and older folks come to not feel like grandparents does exist — it’s called Cavern Club Entertainment Complex and it’s a bit out of the way from the normal nightlife spots.

A walk along Ann Arbor’s cheap-eat streets

The average night of a ‘U’ student follows a typical pattern: Pregame, party and then get hungry. As some people’s stomachs start growling, there is always that one person who yells, “Dudes! Let’s get some food!” That’s when my night gets interesting.

Ashley’s provides more than just the basic brew

This establishment doesn’t deal much in generic drinks — in fact, it doesn’t even keep Bud Light or Miller Lite on tap — and it’s become a stronghold of the craft beer revolution in Ann Arbor.

Throwing down with the Spartans

When trekking through MSU’s sprawling campus, I found my State brethren to be in jolly moods, despite an absurd amount of police presence. My friend had taken to pointing out the police slowly cruising around East Lansing.

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