For those of you who aren’t sufficiently terrified by Nicki Minaj, check out her new track “Roman’s Revenge.” Being the most conspicuous feminine presence in hip hop today, Minaj certainly has a lot to prove, and this single off the forthcoming Pink Friday makes the message resoundingly clear: Minaj is a “bad bitch,” a “dungeon dragon” and Disney’s Aladdin all rolled into one fire-breathing package. And if that’s confusing, maybe the legitimately head-banging beat can help clarify: Don’t fuck with her.

Nicki Minaj feat. Eminem

“Roman’s Revenge”

But come on, we get it. Here, Nicki comes on so strong that it turns the track into a clear case of overcompensation. The speed-bag snares, the rabid growling, the murderous guest verses by a seething Slim Shady — it’s clumsily manufactured to sound as aggressive as possible, thereby deflating any real fury the song could have had. Plus, Nicki’s vocal tics have gone from charming idiosyncrasy to worn-out shtick before she’s even released an album, which doesn’t exactly augur well for her shelf life. Sure, Nicki, we’ll respect your authority. But it’s just kind of hard to take you too seriously.

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