Diddy, we know you just a teddy bear

A Detroit jury found in favor of P. Diddy in a lawsuit filed by
a TV talk-show host who alleged he was roughed up by the reigning
hip-hop king’s entourage. Diddy could not be reached for

Roger Mills, the host who filed the lawsuit, sought damages for
alleged assault, false imprisonment, destruction of property,
intentional infliction of emotional distress and civil conspiracy.
Seems we won’t be missin’ Diddy after all.


“Peter, I’m holding iced tea”

They’re back! For all who revel in racist, sexist,
homophobic, anti-Semitic and otherwise excessively offensive jokes
will be happy to hear that Peter Griffin and the rest of the
“Family Guy” crew will be back in January 2005.

As many as 35 new episodes will be aired on a yet undecided
network, reports E! Online. Obviously creator Seth MacFarlane
isn’t finished pissing off every minority group — we
think he missed the underrepresented fat white guy group.


Mommy, i saw Mickey’s booby

She’s inanimate, she’s nasty and now she’s
gone. Disney World has removed a Janet Jackson-inspired Mickey
Mouse statue due to the singer’s risqué Super Bowl
halftime show, says RollingStone.com.

Despite the controversy, Janet is still only the third most
embarrassing member of the Jackson clan.

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