“The Simpsons” to take on Hollywood …


After 15 grueling seasons on television, America’s
favorite family is about to make the leap to the silver screen.
According to E!Online, FOX’s feature-film animation
department has begun the early stages of animation for “The
Simpsons” movie.

The buzz surrounding the possible film was lit anew this week
when long-time scribe and producer Mike Reiss revealed details of
the film in an interview with movie website
“mailto:www.DVDFanatic.com”>www.DVDFanatic.com. According to
Reiss, seven veteran writers are currently working on a script.
Reiss reported that Bart, Homer, Maggie and Marge will hit the big
screen by winter 2006.

Nipplegate: Jackson suit dropped … lawsuit,


A Tennessee woman has dropped her class action lawsuit against
Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, MTV, CBS and their parent company
Viacom according to Rolling Stone Online.

After filing a claim with the U.S. District Court last week,
Knoxville native Terri Carlin has dismissed an earlier claim in
which she noted that Jackson’s stint in voyeurism caused
Carlin, “and millions of others to suffer outrage, anger,
embarrassment and serious injury.” According to
Carlin’s dismissal statement, she’s pulling out to wait
and see if the Federal Communications Commission will take action
on the matter.

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