Run Puffy, Run! — Sean “P. Diddy” Combs will run in the New York City Marathon — sore knee and all, reported the Associated Press. His trainer, Mark Jenkins, expects the 33-year-old hip-hop mogul to finish Sunday’s 26.2-mile race. Jenkins will run alongside Combs, who is competing to raise money for charity.

Jenkins has made recent headlines since his former girlfriend sued him Monday for $6 million for years of abuse. While Jenkins and his lawyer have no comment on the lawsuit, Jenkins was excited to make a millionaire mogul run as fast as he could.

Combs hurt his knee during training but Jenkins said Tuesday, “Even if he has to crawl, he is going to finish.” A few weeks ago, Combs and Jenkins ran 20 miles through Harlem and the Bronx with former marathon star Alberto Salazar. “People were screaming, ‘Puffy keep going!’” said Jenkins.

Yes, indeed. Faster Puffy. Run from the maniacal “celebrity fitness drill master.”

I Just Want Bang, Bang, Bang — The Associated Press reported Wednesday that the Netherlands, where all things great like prostitution and marijuana are legal, has drastically reduced the amount of erotic television programming in the last year.

Only the Holland Media Group, a Dutch company that has continued with erotic programming, said it’s going to stick with its “Erotic on Five” show, featuring bare torsos and buttocks, but no explicit sex.

Things are thankfully not so in Britain, where recent years have seen a rise in programming with sexual content, while Germany and France continue to broadcast erotic television programming in the late evening.


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