NBC is saving ‘Grace’

Hit TV series “Will & Grace” will temporarily
lose the style and charm of its title character, Grace. According
to E! online, Debra Messing’s obstetrician has prescribed
bedrest for the remainder of her pregnancy, which will force the
young starlet to miss the last three episodes of the season. NBC
has already written Messing out of the show until further notice,
explaining her mysterious absence away with an equally unforeseen

Oddly, the show has not yet addressed Messing’s suspicious
weight gain or bulging uterine area. Instead, Messing’s
character, Grace, either dons ultra-baggy clothing or remains
seated to hide her lower half.

NBC hopes to comfort Messing fans with a special guest
appearance from the infamous J.Lo.

Neither P.Diddy nor Bennifer’s other half could be reached
for cheap shot comments.


I know you are, but what am I?

Paul Reubens, the famed actor and entertainer better known as
Pee-Wee Herman, recently pleaded guilty to a Los Angeles
misdemeanor: possesion of obscene material. Reuters reports the
prosecutor initially investigated Reubens for possession of child
pornography, but the actor refutes these claims.

Reubens agreed to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, his
first since the case opened. Hoping to clear his name, he said,
“You can say that I’m different, that I’m freaky,
that I’m weird. You can say lots of stuff about me. But you
can’t say I’m a pedophile. That’s just not part
of who I am. I am not a child pornographer.”

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