The Passion of the Python

Hot on the Heels of Mel Gibson’s runaway hit “The
Passion of the Christ,” the Rainbow Film Company will
re-release the 1979 Monty Python biblical spoof film “The
Life of Brian” to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the
controversial satire, Reuters reports.

The film, about a Jewish man from Nazareth who becomes a
reluctant messiah and is crucified by the Romans, will open in New
York and Los Angeles in late April before expanding nationwide.

According to Rainbow president Henry Jaglom, the film is being
re-released in order “to provide some counter-programming to
‘The Passion.’ ”

Neither Jesus nor Mel Gibson could not be reached for

My beautiful face!

Reuters also reports that socialite and amateur porn star Paris
Hilton was thrown from a horse in Hernando County, Fla., while
filming an episode for the second season of Fox’s “The
Simple Life.”

Despite sustaining no apparent injury, Hilton was taken by
helicopter to a Tampa hospital. After a short stay for observation,
she was later released.


Summer Nights reports that veteran rockers Van Halen will
regroup for an 11-city U.S. tour this summer, their first in five

Brothers Eddie Van Halen (guitar) and Alex Van Halen (drums)
will be joined by bassist Michael Anthony and a singer yet to be
named, though rumor insists that the band will invite previously
ousted frontman Sammy Hagar.

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