Actress Kim Basinger was in court on Monday after allegations of negligence and breaching a custody agreement with former husband Alec Baldwin. Baldwin claims Basinger withheld their 11-year-old daughter and did not tell Baldwin that the child went to the hospital. At least they’re still talking.


Filmmaker James Cameron is committing. The “T2” director has announced that he will begin production on his long-gestating project “Avatar,” a love story set against interplanetary war. It’s taken Cameron 10 years to make a movie since “Titanic” – a not-so-swift transition from icebergs to asteroids.


The White House invited the cast of TV’s “The West Wing” to meet their real-life complements. Who wasn’t on the guest list? Martin Sheen, who played President Josiah Bartlet during the show’s seven-season run. Sheen – who’s expressed his affinity for former President Bill Clinton and his less-than-veiled disdain for President George W. Bush – said “all my West Wing colleagues were invited there to meet their counterparts. All except me. I was very relieved about that.” Unless “relieved” is code for “fucking enraged,” Sheen was must have been trying to play nice.

– Compiled by Caitlin Cowan and Blake Goble.

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