There”s a lot of kiddie porn in Kentucky

Paul Wong
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A 15-year-old boy was charged with 692 felony counts of distributing child pornography on a website he operated from his parents” home.

The boy, who has no criminal record, faces up to 45 days in jail for each count if convicted.

He is set to go to trial Feb. 22.

“It operated like a bulletin board where they”d (site visitors) put some in and take some out,” Kenton County Attorney Garry Edmondson said Wednesday.

“It”s just very disturbing to see this.”

Police said the FBI began investigating the boy in July, after a high-traffic child pornography site was discovered operating in the area, just south of Cincinnati.

A computer in the boy”s home was confiscated in November.

Kenton County Assistant Police Chief Lt. Col. Ed Butler said there is no evidence the teen developed the material used on the website.

The site included hundreds of images of infants, children and animals in sex acts.

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Stupid girl leaves sex tape in dad”s camera


A Navy petty officer is accused of making pornographic home videos with a 16-year-old girl and another sailor, police said.

Jessie Oldfield, 20, is charged with first-degree sexual exploitation of a minor, according to court papers. He is a student at the Charleston Naval Weapons Station”s nuclear power training unit.

Oldfield was being held on $100,000 bail. A call to North Charleston police was not immediately returned Saturday it was unclear whether Oldfield had retained a lawyer or was facing other charges.

The other sailor in the video is on active duty in another state, authorities said. Police also confiscated two additional tapes and are trying to identify other sailors involved in sexual activity with the girl and two unidentified 16-year-olds who performed striptease acts.

Mike Steinberg, a Naval Weapons Station spokesman, said Saturday he did not know whether the station was considering expelling Oldfield.

A tape was discovered by the girl”s father after she left it in his video camera, police said. Her parents turned over the tapes to police on Thursday.

2 lesbians get off in Canada gays applaud


Charges against two women who helped organize an all-night lesbian bathhouse were dismissed Thursday and the behavior of the plainclothes police officers who raided the establishment came under harsh criticism.

Several dozen gay community members applauded and cheered as Justice Peter Hryn threw out all the evidence five male police officers obtained at the five-story building where the carnival-like event was held two years ago. Without the police officers” observations from Sept. 15, 2000, the Crown didn”t have enough evidence to proceed with a case against Jill Hornick and Rachel Aitcheson, charged with various offenses under the Liquor License Act.

The case sparked heavy criticism from Toronto”s gay community who felt the plainclothes male officers humiliated the women.

Phone sex, express shipping available


Some Saginaw-area telephone callers dialing the United Parcel Service are instead getting connected with a sexy chat line.

The latest edition of the Tri-Cities Directory, published by TransWestern Publishing, includes two numbers for UPS. One connects callers to the Atlanta-based UPS customer service hot line, with information on package pickups and deliveries.

The other number, a mistaken misprint, connects callers to “Intimate Connections,” a chat line offering “sexy introductions to live callers” for a $1.99-per-minute fee.

Officials at Atlanta-based UPS are assuring customers that UPS is still in the shipping business exclusively. This is the second consecutive year in which TransWestern has published the wrong number, a UPS spokeswoman said.

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