U.S. sends diplomat
to Kenya to push for calm

The top U.S. diplomat for Africa is being dispatched to Kenya to directly press leaders to calm violence that has followed allegations of fraud in President Mwai Kibaki’s re-election, the State Department said yesterday.

Jendayi Frazer, assistant secretary of state for African affairs, planned to leave later yesterday for talks with Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said.

The diplomatic mission comes as the country’s political dispute degenerates into ethnic violence pitting Kibaki’s influential Kikuyus against Odinga’s Luos and other tribes. About 300 people have been killed and 100,000 more displaced.


Dodd plans to withdraw from presidential race

Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut was set to abandon his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination yesterday after a poor showing in Iowa’s precinct caucuses.

The veteran lawmaker was to announce his decision to supporters at a post-caucus party in Des Moines, according to advisers speaking on the condition of anonymity. He was expected to travel to Connecticut tomorrow with his family to thank friends and supporters.

Dodd was never able to break from the pack of Democratic contenders despite his long and distinguished Senate career. He won just 0.02 percent of the state’s caucus-goers.


Wrongly convicted man released from jail after 26 years

Three times during his nearly 27 years in prison, Charles Chatman went before a parole board and refused to admit he was a rapist. His steadfastness was vindicated yesterday, when a judge released him because of new DNA evidence showing he indeed wasn’t.

The release of Chatman, 47, added to Dallas County’s nationally unmatched number of wrongfully convicted inmates.

District Judge John Creuzot, whom defense lawyers credited with shepherding Chatman’s case for exoneration through the legal system, recommended that Texas’ Court of Criminal Appeals find Chatman not guilty. With several relatives dabbing at their eyes with tissues and cheering, Chatman was released.


Musharraf denies government role in Bhutto killing

President Pervez Musharraf vehemently denied yesterday that Pakistan’s military and intelligence agencies were behind Benazir Bhutto’s killing, and implied she was partly at fault.

Despite threats by militants, Bhutto poked her head out of the sunroof of her vehicle to greet supporters at an election rally, Musharraf said.

He conceded there were shortcomings in Pakistan’s investigation into the assassination but rejected accusations of a lapse in security for the former prime minister.

“The same military and intelligence agencies are using the same people who are attacking them? It’s a joke,” Musharraf said at a news conference, answering accusations that people connected to his government were involved in the suicide bomb and gun attack that killed Bhutto a week ago.

– Compiled from Daily wire reports

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