Ferry crash kills at least 10, wounds 34

NEW YORK – A Staten Island ferry slammed into a pier as it was
docking yesterday, killing at least 10 people, tearing off some
victims’ limbs and reducing the front of the mighty vessel to a
shattered mass of wood, glass and steel. At least 34 people were

The ferry pilot, responsible for docking the vessel, fled the
scene immediately after the crash, went to his Staten Island home
and attempted suicide by slitting his wrists and shooting himself
with a pellet gun, a police official said on the condition of
anonymity. The pilot was rushed to the same hospital as many of the
victims and underwent surgery.

The 310-foot ferry, carrying about 1,500 passengers, plowed into
the enormous wooden pilings on the Staten Island end of its run
from Manhattan, ripping a giant hole in the right side of the
three-level, bright-orange vessel.

“There was a lady without legs, right in the middle of the
boat,” said ferry passenger Frank Corchado, 29. “She was screaming.
You ever see anything like that?”

Corchado said it felt as if the ferry accelerated as it
approached land, waking him as he napped on the trip home to Staten
Island. He ran away from the front of the boat to safety, but saw
others who weren’t as lucky – six people dead, including one who
had been decapitated.

Removal of feeding tube sparks debate

PINELLAS PARK, Fla. – Doctors removed the feeding tube yesterday
that has been keeping alive a severely brain-damaged woman at the
center of an epic, six-year legal battle between her husband and

Terri Schiavo, 39, underwent the procedure at the Tampa Bay area
hospice where she has been living for several years, said her
father, Bob Schindler. Attorneys representing her husband, Michael
Schiavo, said it will take between a week and 10 days for her to

The tube removal came just hours after Gov. Jeb Bush told Bob
Schindler and his wife, Mary, that he was instructing his legal
staff to find some means to block the court order allowing Michael
Schiavo to end his wife’s life.

“I am not a doctor, I am not a lawyer. But I know that if a
person can be able to sustain life without life support, that
should be tried,” the governor said, adding the “ultimate decision
of this is in the courts.”

The brother of the woman said the family was heartened by the
governor’s last-minute effort.

First Chinese man in orbit: ‘splendid’ view

GOBI DESERT, China – China’s first astronaut carried the hopes
of his nation into orbit with him Wednesday, promising to do a good
job and telling his family far below that the view from space was
“extremely splendid.”

The apparently flawless launch of the Shenzhou 5 capsule capped
a decade-long effort by China’s secretive, military-linked space
program that communist leaders hope will boost the nation’s image

The rocket carrying Lt. Col. Yang Liwei, a 38-year-old fighter
pilot turned astronaut, streaked into a clear blue sky at precisely
9 a.m. (9 p.m. EDT Tuesday) from a Gobi Desert launch pad in
China’s remote northwest. The government said the capsule entered
orbit 10 minutes later.

China Central Television broke into its programming to announce
the liftoff, and 28 minutes later broadcast the first gripping
scenes of the rocket blasting off.

FDA works to lift ban on breast implants

WASHINGTON – Eleven years after most silicone-gel breast
implants were prohibited, government advisers recommended yesterday
that the ban be lifted despite lingering questions about safety and

But the Food and Drug Administration’s advisers urged that
Inamed Corp.’s sales be allowed only under certain conditions,
including ensuring that all users get detailed brochures explaining
the devices’ known risks – such as a need for frequent reoperations
for pain or breakage.

Women will need annual exams to be sure their implants haven’t
silently begun leaking, the panel stressed.

Overweight children attracted to fast food

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Overweight children appear to be
especially susceptible to the lure of fast food, a study found.
They stuff themselves even more ravenously than other youngsters do
and are less able to compensate by eating sparingly the rest of the
day. The study is nutrition experts’ latest attempt to nail down
the link they suspect exists between fast food and the daunting
increase in obesity, which now afflicts one in 10 children and
teenagers in the United States.

Even though the drive-through window is often blamed for
Americans’ big and growing weight problem, its exact role is less
clear, since people overindulge and exercise minimally.

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