On Wednesday afternoon, undecided students paused their frantic hair pulling to explore new majors and minors that fit their interests.

Staff from the Newnan LSA Academic Advising Center hosted the Major/Minor Expo, — held in the Michigan Union ballroom — to give students the opportunity to meet with faculty, staff and advisers from various concentrations and discuss potential interests.

The Newnan Advising Center consists of general LSA academic advisers who help students choose courses, career paths and alternative choices to the plans they make. They also certify students’ graduations and assist them with academic difficulties.

All LSA majors and minors were represented at the exposition Several programs from outside LSA were also represented, including those from the Ross School of Business, the School of Education and the School of Social Work.

Erin Trame, department advising coordinator for Newnan Advising Center, said the expo was a chance for all LSA departments to come together in one location. It also gave all students — freshman to senior, LSA or non-LSA — a chance to talk to major advisers and set up advising appointments.

“It makes it much easier instead of going to all the departments separately,” Trame said.

Students of all class standings stood in line at the front desk in front of the Union Ballroom to swipe their MCards to gain admission to the event. According to Trame, more than 100 students attended the expo within the first half-hour, which was a larger turnout than last year’s expo.

Many students wandered up to various departments’ stands to browse concentrations and requirements, discuss career plans or set up advising appointments. However, some students were already set on their academic plans.

LSA sophomore Lasherryn Duncan said she had all her of options in mind before she attended the expo. As a Biopsychology, Cognition and Neuroscience and Spanish double major, Duncan decided to attend the expo to check and confirm all of her options.

“It was good to see that with each stand, there was a professor there,” Duncan said. “It was helpful to put a face with a name.”

LSA freshman Mia Licciardi said she came to the expo to figure out the next step for her chosen major — English. But after perusing the selections, she said the event opened up her mind to other majors she was interested in, such as psychology.

LSA senior Hani Habra attended the event with a completed major in mathematics. By attending the event, he hoped to explore other opportunities for graduate school, such as pursuing a degree in Engineering.

“I’m still searching,” Habra said.

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