University Housing Director Linda Newman discussed construction developments in University residence halls at a Senate Assembly meeting Monday.

In a speech before the University’s lead faculty-governing body, Newman noted several upgrades in residence halls and discussed six residential life initiatives University Housing is currently developing. These include safety upgrades like new fire alarms in the 17 residence halls on campus, replacing infrastructure and technological and electrical improvements in West Quad and Bursley residence halls.

Newman also discussed University Housing’s initiatives to maintain historical residence halls like Mosher-Jordan and Stockwell, which cost $44.1 million and $39.6 million, respectively, to renovate.

Mosher-Jordan’s renovations were complete by fall 2008, and Stockwell Hall reopened in fall 2009. Both buildings were given new infrastructures — including new multi-purpose rooms, study and learning spaces, classrooms and air conditioning and wireless Internet in student rooms.

Couzens Residence Hall, which is currently undergoing renovations, is expected to re-open in fall 2011. Newman said Alice Lloyd Residence Hall is the next residence hall to be renovated and will close after the 2011 winter semester.

‘U’ looks to update recreational facilities

Royster Harper, the University’s vice president for student affairs, also spoke at the Senate Assembly meeting and responded to questions regarding the state of the University’s recreational facilities.

She said the University recognizes that its recreational facilities are out-of-date, and administrators are doing what they can to fix them.

“There isn’t any disagreement anywhere,” Harper said, adding that the University’s recreational facilities are behind those of other Big Ten universities.

The University is currently looking to use future donations to alleviate the financial burden that such renovations would require, Harper said.

“We are aggressively trying to find some donors,” Harper said. “Unfortunately, there are people who will make a contribution for luxury boxes and not necessarily for a new recreation center.”

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