Sheepskin boots are no longer enough. Fashion denizens adopted the latest and greatest from Australia’s UGG brand, and it did not take too much effort to crossover from footwear to shoulder straps. This winter, UGG released its line of keychains, handbags and full-sized purses, all detailed with its characteristic fleece and sheepskin.

UGG offers three styles of keychains, the mini barrel, grab bag and shopper styles. Ranging in price from $20 to $25, the tiny totes are lined with fleece and available in a variety of colors including baby blue and lilac.

A series of fluff bags are the fuzziest of them all; one may feel as if she is carrying a Muppet. Bright and colorful, available in colors from black to ruby, the fluff bags offer such features as nylon pockets, antique brass closures and flap styles. These bags are functional for more than just carrying things — one even doubles as a hand-warming muff, perfect for those unwilling to resort to mitten clips. They may be larger than necessary, however, as these adorable fluff bags will empty wallets at up to $240.

If these medium-sized purses simply are not fluff enough for the UGG consumer, fear not. The ultra-size line is the biggest bang for the buck, and at up to $285 per bag, a bang is expected. The rip bag, rail bag and shopper are classic styles with the typical UGG twist: sheepskin edging along pockets and zippers. For UGGers on the go, there is also an ultra-slim purse with backpack-style straps and a longer look. The purses are available in chestnut, distressed brown, chocolate, sand and neutral. Select ultra bags may also be purchased in baby pink and baby blue.

There are those, meanwhile, who prefer to avoid the mass-market UGG takeover. “I think the muff idea is ideal, but it just seems like UGG is capitalizing on it’s success. I mean, do your keys really need to be warm, too?” says LSA sophomore Joanna Shelden. She is not alone, as many a University student is still seen with sheepskin-free bags and Merrill boots. As for me, I’m just waiting for mitten clips to come back in style.


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