While students sip on mocha lattes and cappuccinos at Espresso Royale, others are enduring pain for the sake of beauty, just a few floors above.

The Wax Loft — a salon offering waxing and skin treatments located above Espresso Royale on South University — officially opened its door to customers in late December. The space was previously occupied by a custom denim store called Party in Our Pants.

Rebecca Tober, 26, and Stacy Wood, 25 — both licensed estheticians who own The Wax Loft — met a few years ago while working at an Ann Arbor salon and recently decided it was time to pursue their own business venture.

Tober said the two wanted to offer a place where students could “come feeling comfortable straight out of bed in their pajamas.”

The two women run the salon by themselves, with no outside help.

Tober specializes in full body waxing and advanced skin care treatments like chemical peals and enzyme treatments, while Wood is a certified massage therapist and also specializes in full body waxing.

Tober and Wood said they strive to make the salon a warm, nurturing environment by offering customers tea or strawberry water upon arrival.

In addition, Wood said they always walk customers through the waxing process so they know what to expect.

“Even if you are just waxing your eyebrows it can be painful, so we try to be as fast as possible and make it as fun as we can,” Wood said.

At The Wax Loft, Tober and Wood use all organic products made locally in Kalamazoo, Mich. Tober added that they try to make the salon “as green as possible.”

One product they use is Nufree — a soy-based, antimicrobial, non-wax hair-removal system that causes less pain, redness and swelling than wax-based treatments. Finipil — an antimicrobial and antibacterial lotion — is used after Nufree is applied to slow hair growth.

New students, along with loyal customers from their previous location, have filled the appointment book, Tober and Wood said.

LSA sophomore Samantha Schwartz has not yet been to The Wax Loft but said she plans to check it out.

“I would definitely go to The Loft before spring break,” Schwartz said. “It’s in a great location, and I’ve heard good reviews so far.”

In addition to waxing and facial services, Tober said they are looking to hire a manicurist in hopes of becoming the go-to beauty haven for students.

“Ultimately, we want The Wax Loft to become sort of a home away from home for our guests,” Wood said. “We have heard countless stories of waxings gone wrong and hope to be a place our clients come to know and trust.”

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