In the time it takes a watch’s hour hand to complete about 1080 full cycles, a new store will pop up in Ann Arbor selling a product to measure just that.

By mid-May, a store selling Shinola products — an up-and-coming brand known primarily for its watches — will open on South Main and East Liberty streets.

The new store in Ann Arbor will be the first of eight to 10 additional store openings slated for Detroit-based Shinola this year, adding to the store’s six existing locations. Washington D.C., Miami, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Los Angeles, Dallas, Austin, New York and London are among other cities likely to see a new Shinola store this year.

Ann Arbor will be the first. Heath Carr, chief executive officer of Shinola’s parent firm Bedrock Manufacturing Co., said Ann Arbor residents often visit the Detroit store, prompting the opening of a Main Street location.

“We’re very excited to be coming to Ann Arbor,” Carr said. “We believe we have a solid customer following there based on the people that make the trip over to our Detroit store and for that reason we’re very excited to be there and can’t wait to get open.”

Shinola produces a variety of products, including watches, bikes, leather accessories and paper products. The Detroit location produces all of their watches and bikes while leather production expands beyond Detroit to St. Louis, New York and Massachusetts. Paper products are made in Ann Arbor.

Though operated by Bedrock Manufacturing in Texas and owned by Swiss timepiece maker Ronda, Shinola is based in Detroit. The city is its epicenter for sales, manufacturing, marketing, design, product development and distribution.

The crux of the Shinola brand is that products are manufactured in America, Carr said.

“We believe in the beauty of manufacturing and creating jobs in the United States and we believe that folks in the United States — specifically in Detroit and the other cities where we manufacture —that people can design, create and manufacture beautiful products in the United States and we want to support that as best as we can,” Carr said.

Edwards Brothers Malloy is an Ann Arbor-based book printing company and plant.

John Edwards, president of Edwards Brothers Malloy, said while they print a variety of book types — such as textbooks — they also supply Shinola with all of their sketchbooks and lined and gridded journals of all sizes.

“We’re used to shipping books that we make all over the country and all over the world, so it’s pretty neat that they’re actually having a store here in Ann Arbor,” he said. “I think for our employees it’s a pretty neat thing that they can go see our product placed at a store in town, a product we make for them.”

Like the Shinola in Detroit, along with its products the store will have a Commonwealth Coffee on its first floor. Unique to the Ann Arbor location, however, will be a “finished-out” lower level to be used as an event space for brand and community events.

“It’s really just about connecting to the community and having a place where not only can people have a coffee and purchase the products that we manufacture here in the United States, but also they can come in and hang out,” Carr said.

While Carr said the number of employees at the Ann Arbor store will be contingent on the store’s volume of customers and products, Shinola’s other branches employ an average of eight workers.

Beyond functioning as a store, Carr said the Ann Arbor Shinola may also partner with the University, as is done through its Detroit store with the College for Creative Studies. Because the store is located near the campus, the company works with the school to both participate in and sponsor classes, Carr said. They’ve given courses in environmental design, bicycle design, watch design and leather accessory design.

“We’re actively involved with the school, we love being in that building, being part of the creative energy from there,” Carr said.

While no official discussion has begun as to whether Ann Arbor’s new Shinola store will open up lines of communication with the University, Carr said it’s likely to arise eventually.

“We love being in the town where the University is and introducing the brand to the University and the community there, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re working with the University in many diverse ways in the future,” he said.

Shinola has already collaborated with University students. In SHEI Magazine’s last issue, which had a theme of “movement,” Shinola’s watches, bikes and leather goods were featured in a 10-page spread.

LSA senior Anna Fuller, editor in chief of SHEI Magazine, said the issue was her first experience with the brand, and was a very positive one.

“We had such great success working with them this past fall and everyone really loved the brand,” she said.

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