There are just certain albums that are never worth listening to. Every Avenue’s Shh. Just Go With It is one of those albums.

Fearless Records’s latest pop-punk boy band – featuring dudes with the worst haircuts imaginable – sounds a lot like a bad rip-off of Fall Out Boy. The only difference is that Fall Out Boy would infuse the songs on this album with their own sound that, while distinctly annoying, would at least make them memorable.

The only word to describe Shh. Just Go With It is unremarkable. The not-so-catchy songs flow into one another without a trace of changing melody. At certain points, the only indicator that you’re listening to the beginning of a new track is an awkward AM-radio effect, which is overused throughout the album. This effect on the drum intro of “A Story to Tell Your Friends” makes it nearly indistinguishable from Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone.”

The album’s highly inappropriate title is a clear gauge of what wordsmiths these guys are (their last EP was cleverly titled AH!). Each song’s lyrics are vapid and lame, and sound like poetry taken right out of a teenager’s diary. In “Take a Step Back,” vocalist David Ryan croons, “Rather hit rock bottom than be stuck second guessing / They have the answers but they don’t know the questions.” Wow guys. That’s deep.

Every Avenue

Shh. Just Go With It

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


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